The Board of Governors

St. Philomena's School was originally founded in 1926 by the Sisters of Mercy. In 1987 the running of the School passed to the parents, and St Philomena's School Ltd was set up, a company limited by guarantee and governed by its Memorandum and Articles of Association. The Company is a charity and is registered with the Charity Commission. The members of the Governing Body are both Directors of the Limited Company and trustees of the Charity.

The Role of the Board of Governors

The governing body of the school is responsible for:

- Overseeing the general running of the School to ensure best practice and the provision of academic excellence.

- Promoting the school's ethos and aims.

- Appointing senior staff.

- Dealing with serious disciplinary matters.

- Approving major changes to the buildings and grounds.

- Approving fees and other finances.

- Ensuring that records are kept in accordance with the Companies Act.

- Preparing financial statements for Companies House at the end of each financial year.

The School is led by the Head Teacher Mrs Barbara McKeown who manages the School and the education of its pupils on a day to day basis. She is supported by a well qualified and very experienced and professional Staff.

The Governing Body meets twice termly. There are also four committees.

- The Management Committee deals with finance, staffing and compliance with the various statutory bodies.

- The Education Committee reviews, advises and makes recommendations to the Board of Governors on education matters.

- The Marketing Committee works to promote the School by targeted advertising and promotional activities.

- The Buildings Committee reviews the buildings, infrastructure and grounds ensuring that these are adequately maintained.

Becoming a Governor

Governors are elected from Members of the Association of St. Philomena's School. All parents are invited to join the Association. As a member you receive a copy of the Annual Accounts and are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting when new Governors are elected. A nomination form for new Governors is sent out annually with the Company Accounts.

The Board seeks to maintain excellent relationships with parents and keeps parents informed through the Governors' newsletters.

Further information about becoming a Governor can be obtained from the Chair who can always be contacted about this or any other matter through the School Office.