Mission Statement

In full cooperation with parents, we are wholly committed to providing a Christian learning environment.

- Where Christ is at the heart of our community.

- Where every member of the School community is valued.

- Where consideration and co-operation are fostered and developed.

- Where difficulties are discussed, problems prayed about and solutions sought, success and failure are shared.

- Where we recognise the diversity of background and faith of both staff and pupils and aim to support and encourage each other in our journey of faith.

- Where forgiveness will be both spontaneous and generous.

Thus we believe our school will reflect the values of the Gospel. Children will be encouraged to develop a loving relationship with God which will result in appreciation, understanding, optimism, tolerance, respect and care for each other and all aspect of His Creation.

We aim to:

- Provide a stimulating learning environment, which will challenge and motivate and be appropriate for each child.

- Teach a curriculum which is broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated.

- Recognise and develop all talents.

- Foster qualities of excellence, perseverance, self-discipline and independence.

- Encourage responsibilities regarding resources, time, choices and actions.

- Extend the intellectual, creative and physical capabilities of each individual.