The Curriculum

The Curriculum

In our small classes each child receives the right amount of support and challenge to realise their full academic potential. Pupils are given the necessary skills to become independent learners and encouraged to continually expand their learning.  They are encouraged to ask questions, find out answers for themselves, work at greater depth and apply their knowledge across the subjects.

During every school day, pupils receive engaging academic teaching and endless learning opportunities.  The school curriculum is varied and lively. Alongside English, Maths, Science, Computing, French, Geography and History, pupils follow a rich Personal Social and Health Education programme, which encourages them to form their own opinions, while listening to other points of view.

Pupils’ horizons are also broadened through Religious Education, Music, Art, Drama and Sport.

Challenge is embraced at St Philomena’s, with all pupils taking part in the Accelerated Reader scheme and participating in the Times Table Challenge.

We often have special guests visit to give inspirational talks and run interactive workshops. Themed days, charity days and enrichment days are packed with practical classes, fun activities and opportunities to try something new.

Pupils take part in local and national competitions such as the Sudbury Music Festival, the Kwik Cricket competition and the Inter-Schools Athletics and Cross Country Competitions

Our pupils are always very proud to represent the school and we see much success.  This is particularly impressive for a small school where we encourage all pupils to take part in different activities, whatever their ability.